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What A Ride, the 2008 Old Iron Trail Ride

(This article ran the week after the ride in ALL of the Medina County papers, thank you all so much!)

Saturday, Saturday May 17, 2008, started early with overcast skies and a cool breeze and 23 ‘old iron’ tractors (and one old truck), their drivers and enthusiastic participants ready to raise money for children who would like to do something special before they die. These men and women came ready to spend their money and their time driving their fantastic vehicles on a 50 mile trail ride to help these precious children realize their dream. By participating in the 3rd Annual Old Iron Trail Ride, every penny of their registration donation will be given to The Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Central Texas, that grants the wishes children dream of.

All the participants met at the Hondo Auction Arena and in front of the Medina County Jail ready for a fun day and comrade. Leaving a little after 8 a.m. they drove through Hondo and up onto Hwy. 173 S., a breakfast stop in Biry (with free tacos from Hondo DQ, donuts from the Hondo Donut Palace and hamburgers from the Hondo What-A-Burger), to Morales Feed and Supply in Devine where they stopped for a panoramic picture of everyone.

The group had a delicious buffet lunch at the Triple C Restaurant in Devine thanks to the kindness of Fred Morales. This is the 3rd year in a row that Fred has made sure that no money was taken away from the children to feed the trail riders.

After filling stomachs and gas tanks (vehicles) they were off to the awesome Shooting Star Museum. The group that run this very unique and educational museum took time out of their busy schedules to open especially for the trail ride and even made a donation! The Museum may be off the beaten path, but it’s a path that everyone should travel at least once to relive our past.

By the time the trail riders left the Shooting Star Museum, everyone was tired and ready to head for home. The route was shortened some by taking the back road to Dunlay instead of going through Castroville as originally planned (also making the police departments job somewhat easier). Medina County residents should be proud of all the police officers that represent each community because they made sure the ride was safe for every participant and at the same time insuring that the motorists were kept safe from marauding old iron enthusiasts.

Other than a few minor mishaps and a few tired and aching bones, everyone seemed to have had a great day raising an estimated $4,000 (a complete total will be announced when all the money promised is put together) for the children that are waiting for their wishes to be granted.

Even though the ride is over and the 4th Annual Old Iron Trail Ride is being planned for next year, it is not too late to make a donation for the children this year. The Old Iron Trail Ride has an account at Community National Bank of Hondo/Castroville and they will gladly allow you to make a deposit directly into this account. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Until next year, when we hope to have double the participation of this year…hug your child or grandchild and be grateful that they are in your lives today!!!

Everyone met between the Medina County Jail and Hondo Auction
on the Hondo Airbase to get ready for the ride.

Pastor Andy Tyson of the First United Methodist Church of Hondo led everyone in prayer
to start the ride out right.

Heading out...

leaving Hondo on 18th St...

The first break was at the Biry crossroads on Hwy. 173S. I left the
sign large so it can be read.

Thanks to Hondo DQ, the Hondo Donut Palace and the Hondo What-A-Burger, everyone had a nice
breakfast break here.

On to Devine with a stop at Morales Feed & Supply for a panoramic picture of the group courtesy of Fred Morales.

Next stop, the Triple C Restaurant for lunch.

truck.jpg (309813 bytes)

(click on the above picture to read the notes painted on the truck by the owner Weylin Weyel)

The Shooting Star Museum is next.

The museum was a great place to take a break and look around.
There are many, many awesome displays there. Check them out!

Pat Wegner officially welcomed everyone to the museum!
Below, just a few shots of the many items there.

Ready to roll...back to Hondo...but with a short stop in Dunlay to wait for the
Medina County Sheriff Deputies to make sure it was safe for us to cross over 
the very busy Hwy. 90.

Up and over the bridge on Hwy. 90 and back to the starting point.

The End, until next year of course!

The ride came about with Kenneth Adlong (with Krista & Socks) and Douglas Haass


discussing the fact that tractor trail rides have become very popular up north and wondered
if it would work in South Central Texas. The more they talked the better the idea became.

Not wanting to actually make money for themselves, Kenneth's granddaughter asked
if they could raise money for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Krista Spiller
had her wish granted  in November of 2002.

Krista & Max

She was able to surprise her grandmother in California with a visit on her birthday
and the Foundation arranged for them to tour the area and took care of all the
expenses. Thank God Krista is still with us.

Douglas Haass shared that his granddaughter Casey Patterson also had her wish granted
before she passed away, by going on a all expense trip with her family.

The two grandfathers agreed that the Foundation would be the best place for the
ride's money to go. The rest is history as this is our third year.

Any child that has had a wish granted is welcomed to ride with us,
with their immediate family FREE. All they have to do is to call 830-741-8922
and let us know they want to participate.

$760 was raised in 2006 and $2600 was made from the 2007 ride and every penny was donated to

The 2008 ride raised an unbelievable $6,300!!!

The ride was also able to grant it's first wish!

Amanda, her sister and her parents are headed to Orlando Disney World
so that Amanda can be treated like a princess!

It's still not too late to make a donation this year! If you  would like to make a donation,
you can send it to Old Iron Trail Ride, 3580 FM 2676, Hondo, TX 78861
or make a deposit at Community National Bank, 1502 Ave. M, Hondo, TX 78861.
Make your check out to Old Iron Trail Ride,
your check will be your receipt and your donation is tax deductible!

Forms will also available at the beginning of 2009 at the

Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce, 1607 Avenue K in Hondo, Texas

Email us for more information and/or forms.

Thank you to ALL our Sponsors/Riders for 2008:

Klager Oper. Inc. * Ann's Attic * Hondo Garden Club * 
Morales Feed and Supply * Community National Bank  * Capital Farm Credit
KCWM 1460 AM, Hondo * Devine News  *  Medina Valley Times  * Castroville Rental
Lytle Ledger  *  Hondo DQ  * Boehle Signs  * MV State Bank  *  Donut Palace
Farmers Tractor Supply  *  Alexander Ins.  *  Hondo National Bank  *  Cross Connections/Radio Shack
What-A-Burger * Hwy. 90 View * Ryan Haass *Clay Patterson * Douglas & Joyce Haass
Randolph Haas  * Tom & Lee Taylor  *  Bank of Texas * Fred Friesenhahn * Larry Borgens
Fohn Bendele Financial Services  *  Travis Lanier *  City Auto Supply  * Billy D. Buck
Brucks Ins. * Ken & Colin Graff/South Texas Maize *  Darlene Crain Insurance  * Jordan Raska
Hondo Ag  *  Louis Haass  * Jack & Carol Fair  *  Grace & Orlando Spafore * J.D. Schmidt
Dorothy Angermiller  * Dee Fair * Matthew Springer * Albort Alcorta * B&B Bookkeeping
Leonard, Brandon, Kristen & Nathan Weyel * JoAnne Santa Cruz *Morales Reality
Shelly & Frances Fajkus & Sugar (mascot) * The Adlong Deeres * Lil Texas Rose/Rose Vavricek
Elaine & Leslie Semmelmann * Shell Distributor of SWT * Mumme's, Inc. * Pepe's Pizza
State Farm/Mark Kidd * Helena * Medina Electric Cooperative *Devine Auto * I&W Auto
Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce
and many, many dear friends who donated cash from the goodness in their hearts!

Thank you all and may God bless each of you.